About me

My name is Nestor Barbitta, I am an audiovisual designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. I have been working as a photographer and videographer for more than two decades. First in Argentina, where I lived until May 2019 when I moved to Berlin in search of new challenges.

My professional evolution is based on my permanent desire to explore new areas of visual language and my permanent training in new technologies.

I have also developed a career as a visual artist, won international awards and exhibited my work in different cities around the world.

I invite you to see more of my artistic work on my website www.nestorbarbitta.de.

In this website you will find some examples of my commercial portfolio made for all kinds of clients. I invite you to see my work and better understand how I can help you transform your company’s image.

If you have any questions you can write to me by clicking here.